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Table covers



Looking to stay on top of the latest colours, seasonal designs and formats in our table cover assortment? Check our new Christmas catalogues. You’ll find lots of inspirational designs, colours and formats – including tête-à-têtes, tableskirts, placemats and slipcovers – for creating glittering festive moods.


Table covers make any dining occasion feel more special, improve acoustics, and create a lovely canvas for your food. They also protect your tables, meaning less cleaning, better hygiene, and more time for guests.

Made for mixing and matching with the rest of our collection, the disposable table covers we offer allow also you individualise the mood and care for nature. All FSC®-certified, they come in timeless colours and unique eco-conscious, tactile materials, such as Evolin® and Dunicel®.

Our disposable table covers also come in convenient formats and styles for every need and occasion, including: slipcovers, tête-à-têtes, reels, tableskirts and placemats. These give you total freedom to set your tables – and the mood – exactly how you want.


Our top-quality table covers let you meet the growing desire for an individual, home-away-from-home mood. As Urbanisation gathers pace, people increasingly want a cosy, relaxing ambience, which provides a comforting break from hectic city life.

The tactility and colours of our disposable table covers touch the senses, while their eco-conscious profile adds even more feel-good factor. Consequently, they are great if you want to create a comforting homelike mood and tempt your guests to stay for longer.


  • Superior quality, outstanding drapeability.
  • Feel-good eco-conscious materials
  • Single-use: no fading, wrinkles, stains
  • Indoor and outdoor solutions
  • Colour-coordinated with napkin and candles

Colour is our heart and soul

As our collection shows, we design every nuance with the utmost care and respect. Today our range of unicoloured disposable napkins, offers more than 20 beautiful colours. One for every mood, occasion and menu.

If you want a classic, exclusive mood consider Black or Cream. Or, if you’d like to add a cosy, golden feel to the air go with Honey. Alternatively, if you desire a playful, dreamy ambience check out Mellow Rose. With such a wide palette, you can spark any emotion you wish!



When only stunning will do

Luxurious Evolin® gives you the exclusive look and feel of linen – without linen hassles.

  • Exclusive
  • Surprising
  • Exquisite, tactile softness
  • Best solution on the market for prestigious events

Available in:

Designs and unicolours

Tablecloths, Round Table Covers and Tête-à-têtes


Outlasts and enhances even the wildest parties

Dunicel combines extraordinary durability with timeless elegance – and comes in a wide choice of designs and rich, non-transparent colours.

  • Long-lasting
  • Drapes beautifully
  • Soft, smooth and heavyweight

Available in:

  • Designs and unicolours
  • Banquet Reels, Slipcovers, Placemats, Table Skirts, Round Tablecovers, Tête-à-tête, 3 In 1, Tablerunners and Damast.



Easy elegance for indoors and outdoors

Dunisilk’s silky surface, opulent thickness and eye-catching shimmer create a feast for all the senses.

  • Reusable
  • Wipeable
  • Sturdy

Water-resistant, ideal for outside areas.

Available in:

  • Designs and unicolours
  • Banquet Reels, Slipcovers and Tablecovers



Practical, convenient, economical

Paper tablecoverings are ideal for large events where efficiency and economy are major considerations.

  • Stylish
  • Economical

Available in:

  • Designs and unicolours
  • Placemats and Paper Reels


Coated cotton that works great outdoors

Dunitex® is made from premium cotton and has a convenient acrylic coating.

  • Washable
  • Wipeable
  • Ideal for outside areas

Available in:

  • Unicolours
  • Tablecloths


Embossed texture creates ‘wow-factor’

Spectacular Sensia has a three-dimensional look, which brings a strong sense of exclusivity to any event.

  • Premium, surprising look
  • Drapes beautifully
  • Opulent heavyweight feel

Available in:

  • Sparkling (with built-in sparkles) and unicolours
  • Tablecloths


Sturdy, stylish and 100% weatherproof

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, Silicone tablecoverings are tough, tactile and super-secure.

  • Anti-skid
  • Weatherproof
  • Reusable
  • Washable

Available in:

  • Designs and unicolours
  • Placemats and round placemats

“We always consider the power of table covers to shape the character of the table – and experience of the meal - in our design process.”

Simi Gauba, designer, Duni.

Evolution of linen

Why are so many restaurateurs and hoteliers across Europe switching from linen to breakthrough Evolin®? Is it the way the material combines the look and feel of linen with the convenience of single-use? The design flexibility and choice of colours? The greater control over costs?


Made from recycled leather

Bare tables, sustainable products and leather are all ‘hot’ at the moment. Our contemporary, tactile Leather Concept provides you with a solution that neatly fits both these trends.

Great if you want to serve a feast for all the senses, the concept combines reusable leather placemats, tête-à-têtes and reversible coasters. These are all made from 80% recycled leather.

In addition to being eco-conscious, authentic and tactile, the items in the Leather Concept are convenient too. They are sturdy and easy to clean: just give them a quick wipe and you are ready to go!

Environmental labels

At Duni, as part of our Blue Mission, we work hard to minimise the environmental impact of our business. It’s important to us that our products are made and used with respect for nature. Reflecting this, they may carry one or more of these labels:

The Swan Nordic Ecolabel is one of the most well-known Ecolabels in the world. It guarantees products have fulfilled stringent environmental and climate criteria.

The OK compost label confirms products or packaging are in compliance with EN 13432, the European standard for compostability in industrial composting installations.

Duni is an FSC®-certified company, meaning the great majority of our tissue-based products come from wood fibres sourced from FSC®-certified forests.

Our pulp is also bleached in either TCF (Totally chlorine free) or ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) processes.

Customised products

Personalised table covers offer a great way to make a big impression – for a small investment. Our helpful, highly experienced in-house team can organise this for you fast and efficiently.



Every meal creates a golden opportunity to add a special something – what we at Duni call ‘goodfoodmood®’. We instil this into every product we make – whether it’s for a kid’s birthday party or an exclusive corporate dinner. So how will you create your goodfoodmood? Check out our catalogues for inspiration.

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